Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Month in Review...Where have I been?

I have completely neglected my blog the last month. I don't know what happened! I'll do a little recap. I have spent the last month hanging in Orlando- trying to explore the city a little more, working, reading and that's about it.


(Little River Band)
As far as exploring the city a little more, I've mainly just hit up a few concert venues and maybe a couple new restaurants. Last month, Matt and I discovered that the Hard Rock hotel at Universal puts on a concert in the lobby of their hotel the last Thursday of every month. Last month the band was, Little River Band. Okay, so I had never heard of Little River Band; but I'm always up for live music and a new venue. We purchase some tickets for $25; which include entry, free beer and pre-made drinks, and pass around appetizers. I thought, "What a deal?" Turns out these old guys can ROCK. It was such a fun concert. It's a small venue and an incredibly eclectic crowd of people. I wasn't sure if I had more fun singing along to songs I didn't know or just people watching. It was perfect entertainment for a Thursday night. We will definitely be back to one of those. In fact, the next one is this coming Thursday with Molly Hatchet. So what if I don't know who that is or a single song they play??? I'll still have fun!

I've seen two concerts this month at the House of Blues. Daughtry kicked off his new tour in Orlando at the House of Blues a few weeks ago. I was so excited to see him in concert because I love some of his songs, but it wasn't one of my favorite shows. I couldn't get into it. Now Foreigner, on the other hand, who I just saw at HOB last Sunday was still jamming. Their new lead singer is fully of energy, stuck in the 80's, and had a great voice. That was a good show. Next on the list is Journey at the end of September. I saw them about a year ago in Atlanta and it was incredible. Their lead singer is from the Philippians that was casted from YouTube and sounds just like Steve Perry. He bounces around the stage like a crazy man. It's awesome. Can't wait for that.


In the real estate world right now, I find lots of articles and speakers are really pushing social networking. It's free advertisement. It's free marketing. Why not? I use these things in my personal life, why not use them in business? I know, I know. I realize that I'm a year or two or more late on this phenomenon as, but it's never too late to get started. So I have recently put my efforts towards just that. I have tied facebook and blogging into my business world. It's been great. It's so easy. Exposure is so important and with these tools it is an easy way to communicate and get your product or services out there. Twitter has actually just released an entry level guide on using Twitter for business. I haven't taken Twitter on yet, but definitely an interesting article. Do you work in real estate or for a non-profit or have your own business to promote? Give social networking a try. It's a lot of fun.


My current read is the Time Traveler's Wife and I am making my way through the book quickly. I am dying to finish it so I can go see the movie. I love Rachel McAdams and the movie looks AMAZING! So, don't spoil it for me if you have already seen it.

I have finished the Twilight series (yes, I was a little slow to jump on that bandwagon), which I didn't think I would love, but thoroughly enjoyed. I have had a few other books on my night stand too. I will shamefully proudly admit that I read Lauren Conrad's, L.A. Candy. I couldn't resist. I'm an LC junky. Jane, the narrator, definitely parallels to Lauren's personality and life. The rest of the characters are somewhat different, but the book gives you a little inside view of how filming the reality show really went down. And yes, as I read the last page of her book; I was hooked and ready for more. Book 2 of the 3 book series will be out in February. You guys better get reading :)

Does anyone have any good book recommendations for me? What have you read lately?

That pretty well sums up the last month of my life. I will not go so long without a post next time. See ya then!