Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day in the Rockies

I love Colorado. I grew up going to Colorado on ski trips with my family. For so long, I seemed to think that Colorado was only worth the trip if it had tons of new powder, I got to bundle up in warm clothes (which you can't do much in FL), strap on my skis and hit the slopes. It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I lived in Vail, CO for a summer during college and worked at Cordillera Golf Course that I realized that Colorado summers were equally as adventurous and fun as the ski seasons.

There is something about the Rockies in the summer when the sun is shining, temperature is in the 60's and there is zero humidity in the air that takes me to this euphoric state. It is so clean and peaceful there. The climate begs for you to be outdoors and take on some type of physical activity.

Over Labor Day, I went to Vail with some of my family. We went out to celebrate the last weekend of summer out there and my brother's 28th birthday. Matt and I got out there Friday morning and met my Mom, Bryan and Erin for lunch and then headed to my old stomping grounds at Cordillera and played a round of golf. The golf was beautiful with perfect weather and the thin air in the Rockies makes you feel like you are an expert golfer. The ball travels much further in the thin air then it does down here in Florida.

acting like I'm a pro

We finished up golf in time to clean up and get ready for dinner. We went to dinner at the Vail Lodge which is known for their game. We tried ostrich, antelope and lamb. I had the ostrich and thought mine was the best :)

Dinner at the Sunflower Restaurant

After dinner we went to Mickey's bar in the hotel. Mickey has been playing the piano at this bar for over 2o years. He is amazing. You have never in your life seen someone's fingers move so fast. He never once opens up a piece of music. He does it all by memory. He can play just about anything you ask and if he doesn't know it, he can download the song online and learn how to play it just from listening to the music. It's amazing.

Mickey Pogue on the piano

Saturday we woke up and put on our hiking gear and headed to Piney Lake for a nice hike, some time on the lake and delicious BBQ for lunch.

Matt & I getting ready for the hike
Bryan, Mom,and I
Bryan trying to catch some trout

Saturday night we went to dinner at Kelly Liken to begin Bryan's birthday celebration. After dinner we went to a bar to catch some football and then headed over to the George. We had Foosball and pool competitions going on.

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On Sunday's in the summer in Vail they set up a Farmer's Market by the village and they were also having a food and wine festival in the village for Labor day. So that morning we walked to the village and scoped out the market and all the food and wine booths. The weather was perfect again, so we found a table outside and enjoyed some lunch. After lunch, we went to hang out at the Vail Mountain club where Bryan, Erin, Matt and I continued our long running game of Spades. Now, I don't know if any of you play Spades; but it is such a fun card game. It requires teams of 2 and unfortunately, Matt and I are too competitive and can not be on the same team. So we have played girls vs boys and Erin and I whoop them most of the time :)

the farmers market

Yes, Ryan from the Bachelorette. I get a little star struck!!
Mom and I at lunch

Sunday night we grilled out at home and celebrated Bryan's birthday with some cupcakes we picked up at the Farmer's Market that day. They were delicious. Bryan's birthday wasn't until Monday, but we were all leaving Monday, so we celebrated early.

Making a wish on his 28th birthday

It was our last day and the trip had gone by way too fast. We had a few hours on Monday to enjoy the day before it was time to get to the airport. Matt had never been to Beaver Creek, so we toured the village there and then went to the Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch for lunch. After lunch, it was time to kiss the perfect weather and beautiful mountains away.

Matt and I in Beaver Creek Village

It was a perfect trip, although much too short. It was so nice to be with my family and celebrate Bryan's birthday. I have come to love Colorado just as much in the summer as I do during those winter months when I can hit the slopes. Looking forward to being back there sometime this winter!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Read

Finished this book and loved it. Today, I will be starting the sequel The Girl Who Played With Fire that is supposedly even better than the first. If you're looking for a good thriller, this is the perfect choice. Tell me what you think.