Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette Finale

I can't decide where my heart lies with these 3 boys...

I have really liked both Reid and Ed from the very beginning. Then they go making Ed look like an idiot on the last 2 episodes and I'm all confused. I don't know who I think she will choose. I have read a few blogs ( now that say Ed actually has a girlfriend back home and he's a bit of a snake. He certainly came back on the show (after leaving to get back to his job) willing to lay his heart on the line and confess his undying love to Jillian. Who knows?

I'll say my vote is Reid. He's cute, down-to-earth, and the most real of the 3 boys. We know he is coming back to the show from the previews from last week, and I assume he has come to say all the things he couldn't spit out before he was getting into the limo to go home 2 weeks ago. Only time will tell. Ahhh I'm ready for the final rose ceremony NOW.

Tell me how you think tonight's episode will end. Who does she choose? Does she get a ring tonight? Who do you want to win?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Big Bad Blues

So, it's been a week now since I have made it home from my favorite weekend in Pensacola- The Blue Angels. I am writing this post a week late because it has actually taken me an entire week to recover from my days on Pensacola Beach. It was an amazing weekend, as it always is; but this year, I came home a little beat up.

I started the weekend off by picking up my awesome cousin, Alex, from the airport on Thursday morning and grabbing Erin and we headed straight to the Bubbles & Blues luncheon at Crabs on the beach for lunch and mimosas with the wives of the Blue Angel pilots. We were 'ladies who lunched' this Thursday afternoon, socializing with the woman of Pensacola Beach and Gulf Breeze and getting the 'sneak preview' of the Blue Angels weekend show.

At the Luncheon

View of Pensacola Beach before the show started on Thursday

We finished up our lunch and mimosas that were being pushed on us (which we loved) and headed home to shower and get ready for the next party.

Thursday night we headed over to Beach Club for dinner and drinks with my Mama and friends. She made us some delicious ribs, boston butts, and her famous brisket. It was all delicious. We had a great time catching up with friends and family and we even got to see our long lost friend, Robert Davis, who joined us all the way from Manila in the Phillipeans.

The bad boys and the Mamas

Liza and I being goofy

Me, Bryan, and Mom

After a great dinner and visit with the family, the young kids made it out to the bars. We headed to the Islander to dance upstairs with the band.

The gang at the Islander

Me, Kimmie and Erin upstairs at Islander

We spent Friday all day out on the boat in the sabine at the sandbar watching the Blue Angels fly again before the main show on Saturday. It was the standard day at Blue Angels of drinking, eating chicken wings, floating on rafts and playing flip cup in the water.

Matt and Bryan floating (take notice that water is not very clean looking)

The Blues fly at 2pm, so we watched the show and hung out a bit; then headed back to my Dad's to shower and change clothes before Friday night's festivities. It's been the tradition for the last few years to have Dr. Breeze (a one man band), to come play on the back deck on Friday evenings. So, we had a party at the house that continued the drinking games, a giant size game of Jenga, and a little dancing.

Matt playing Red Neck Jenga & Dr. Breeze on the Guitar

Relaxing, playing Jenga, and listening to some Buffet by Dr. Breeze

As it gets a little later in the evening...

Liza with a defeated Bryan Adams and Kyle and then Liza and Scottie

After the party, we took it to the bars...this time we headed to the Shaker.

Saturday, we still managed to get up and moving at an early hour after a long night at the shaker; packed our things and loaded up on the boat once again to head to the sabine for another showing of the Blue Angels.

Loading Dad's Pontoon boat with about 20+ people

The boats all lined up in the Sabine for Saturday's Show

The party in the Sabine
Alex, Erin and Kimmie relaxing on the float

Matt and I's self portrait

I hope you can all see now, why this weekend is the best weekend that Pensacola Beach has to offer. It is the quintessential summer weekend. I absolutely love it.

But, remember how I said I came home a little beat up? Well, Sunday morning when I wake up after 3 full days in the sun watching the Blues fly; I have a huge swollen bottom lip. I wish I had a photo of it. It hurt so bad. It was blistered and so dry. I didn't wear a hat all weekend, so that may have had something to do with it. I think I came home with a little bit of sun poisoning to be honest. Then, if that wasn't bad enough; I get home and get a stye in my eye. I see it starting to come and think it is just going to heal itself, but it keeps getting worse and worse. I hate to admit it, but I feel I have to blame this on the nasty sabine water filled with a bunch of drunks urinating every few seconds. It kills me to say that, because there is no place better to watch the amazing blue angel show.

I also hate to admit this. My brother, Brandon, said to my cousin and I on the phone Thursday before the blues; "Alex and Annie, Two things: Don't drink too much and stay out of the sabine water."

Well, of course, I wasn't going to listen to him. Those are the two best things to do over that weekend. But, I suppose if I had listened, I would not have ended up looking like this:

This is 7 days later as it is starting to heal.

My wounds are still only minor compared to my brother, Bryan, getting his arm broken by my boyfriend last year arm wrestling on the Friday of Blues weekend. At least, I got to see the shows and didn't have to be rushed to the hospital. I'd say things are still looking pretty good and I'm almost fully recovered. Cheers to another great weekend full of boats, blues, and booze.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Beauty Treatments and Conversations

To me, the two don't really go hand and hand. I don't know about you, but when I walk-in to get a mani/pedi, my hair done or have a massage; I really feel like that is "ME" time. Unless I initiate a conversation, I don't really like to be spoken to other than maybe the obligatory, "How are you today?"

"Good, Thanks."

And just leave it at that.

Yesterday, I went in to my little nail salon for a mani/pedi excited to be pampered, read my magazine, and close my eyes every now and then in the massage chair. Instead, I had a badgering little man harassing me with the 100 question game the entire time. I truly thought after my 3rd curt answer he was going to get the hint. But, NO. He continued on with 97 more questions. So, instead of leaving there happy and relaxed; I couldn't get out of there fast enough and left in a pissy mood because I didn't get my "ME" time! What more could I have done for him to get the hint?? I guess I should have started snoring in my chair.

Now am I being ridiculous? Aren't there times when you just want to be pampered in silence? I feel like I sound so rude and anti-social, but I promise, I'm really not. There is just a place and time for small talk and to me, spa treatments are not the time. That's all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boats, Blues, and Booze

In a few hours, I will be heading to Pensacola Beach for this:

The most amazing weekend my hometown has to offer....

It's a perfect weekend and a perfect excuse to take your boat out, be in the water, and drink during the day. I LOVE it!

I'm ready to be there now!

4th of July Festivities

View from the house with all the boats

I stayed in Orlando for the 4th of July this year and had such a good time. It had rained the whole first part of the week, so I was so worried we were going to have bad weather; but it turned out perfect on Friday and Saturday with just a few little drizzles now and then.

My brother, Bryan, and his girlfriend, Erin, came to town from Tampa and our friends, Ryan and Kimmie, came in from Jacksonville. They had some friends that live on the Conway Chain of Lakes here in Orlando, so we brought Matt's boat over on Thursday to keep there for the weekend.

Everyone got into town on Thursday night, so we started off the weekend with dinner at Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park. We had dinner then all crammed in the back of the 4Runner and headed downtown to Vixen.

In the back of the 4Runner

Friday and Saturday we spent all day on the boats and anchored up on the Sandbar at Little Conway Lake. It was a perfect, relaxing 2 days and of course we had to break out the floating flip cup table which was once-again, a huge hit!!!

All of the girls kissing the Gator

Dinner at Seito Sushi

On the sandbar for the 4th

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Night at the Hard Rock

I spent yesterday evening at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa which now has Black Jack tables. This has made me very excited because I LOVE blackjack. I can spend hours and hours at the blackjack table. If you ask most of my friends, they would say I'm ridiculously lucky when it comes to gambling. I usually do pretty well. I was so excited to go to Tampa and play and I was feeling REALLY lucky. I had a really good vibe on my way there. Here is what I expected to come home looking like:

So happy with lots of dolla dolla bils, ya'll

But instead, I came home looking like this: EMPTY HANDED.

How pathetic is that?

There was four of us together at the table and we couldn't get anything going. The luck was not in our favor. AND they make you buy your own drinks. They don't even serve free while you're at the table. How pathetic??

The house took all our money and didn't bat on eye, but we did get to enjoy a nice dinner at the steak restaurant and got two free steaks out of them. They overcooked both of them, but don't worry...They made their money back on those steaks plus a lot more. It must of been bad karma eating those free steaks.

Sorry Dubes, I have nothing to show for the $20 on BJ I put down for you. Maybe next time friend.