Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding Weekend | Rehearsal Dinner | Arnaud's Restaurant



We had our Rehearsal Dinner at Arnaud's in the French Quarter of New Orleans.   The menu gave everyone a taste of what great New Orleans food is all about.  The night was filled with incredible food, strong cocktails, good laughs, tear-jerker speeches, beautiful flowers and amazing friends and family.  Oh,  and also a really good surprise.  We had the perfect evening.


IMG 1723



 The Arnaud's Ballroom008

Great Friends 

IMG 1661


My Handsome Hubby who had me crying within the first hour of dinner with a very heartfelt speech 

IMG 1673



The Speech 

IMG 1707

 and lets raise our glasses for a toast

IMG 1708


My dear friend Tiffany who was also my excellent photographer for the night! IMG 1681

The gorgeous flowers and centerpieces done by my incredibly talented friend, Hayden at Geraldine's

IMG 1733


IMG 1651

And I'm a bit teary eyed with my high school girls plus Tiffany 

IMG 1782

My brothers and my sister and law and soon to be other sister in law!!!  

IMG 1790

And here comes the surprise… the band busts through the doors and we have a surprise 2nd line, a New Orleans tradition, that we take from the restaurant back to the Ritz Carlton hotel

IMG 1825 






A few people hopped in the rickshaws! 





The 2nd Line



Heading down Canal St with a light rain



IMG 1828


It was such a fun surprise.  We had a blast walking through the streets of the French Quarter and caught a little rain at the end which made it feel so surreal.  We met up with other friends and family at the Davenport Lounge in the Ritz Carlton for an after dinner drink and then called it a night to make sure we got our beauty sleep.

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