Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blog Buddies

I never thought I would be a blogger...For most people who have a personal blog, this is probably how it started out. But truly, I never understood blogging and thought it was silly until I found myself reading them on a regular basis. It all started with a girl I knew in high school. I saw on facebook that she had started a blog- she had it for over a year, but I just found it about 2 months ago. It's hilarious: Confessions of a Young Married Couple.

So that was just the beginning. I realized I had several friends that were bloggers and slowly started to enjoy their posts and then I found myself reading these blogs of people I don't even know! Apparently, there is this whole world out there of "blog buddies." This is what I will call them at least. They have found each others blogs one way or another and then they have become friends because of course at this point, they practically know everything about one another through the blogs. It's crazy.

Now, I am trying to recruit my friends to start blogging. After college, life becomes so busy. We all move in separate directions, start careers, make new friends, etc. and an online diary seems to be the perfect way to stay connected.

If only my special power was teleporting, I could be everywhere in the snap of my fingers and witness it all first hand. There are many great things to witness with my friends... But until then, I will resort to communicating through the world wide web and force them all to stay in touch with me.

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