Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Recap

I had hoped to fit in a few more posts in the month of December, but instead I am going to have to give an extremely quick recap of a very busy month. I had a wonderful holiday in 2010. We started off the first weekend in December with the Adams Homes Christmas Party in Pensacola at 600 South. It was a fantastic party and so much fun to see everybody from the entire southeast.

Tiff, me, Liz
The Girls
Matt and Brian
Made it to Seville to keep the party going
The 2nd weekend of December my Mom, aunt and I went to my old stomping grounds of Atlanta, GA. We had so much wining, dining, and Shopping!!! It was the perfect weekend to get us in the Christmas spirit. I loved getting to catch up with my ATL girls: Em, Jess, & Greta, for lunch at the Tavern too! (so sad we didn't snap a quick picture)

My favorite fireplace at the Ritz

Ella, Me, Mom
It was a quick trip, but sure was nice to get a head start on all my Christmas Shopping.
Weekend 3 of December we stayed home in Ocean Springs and enjoyed fabulous Christmas parties and celebrated my very best friend since age 5's 26th Birthday at Jia in the Beau Rivage. Very fun night and was so glad I got to be a party of it :)

We had one last holiday party before we left home to Pensacola for Christmas. We went to our best friends in Ocean Springs for a perfect Christmas party. Hayden didn't spare a thing as you would expect if you know her! I walk up to the house and am greeted with this:

The perfect bar that she put together on her front porch that had delicious cocktails calling my name. Specifically, the Poinsettia cocktail. Yes, I had never had this before and fell in love immediately. You should check into it.

The host and hostest with their assistant

The lovely ladies of downtown Ocean Springs :)

Stathams, thank you for a fabulous party!

Matt and I headed home for Christmas on the 23rd of December. Both of our families live in Pensacola which is really wonderful;however, we are four Christmas' and everyone expects your attention. It makes for a pretty hectic holiday, but it's a lot of fun. We spent Thursday night at my Mom's house and had a delicious dinner with my whole family.

Erin with our penguin seat placement cards compliments of
Christmas Eve afternoon, I met up with my GB girls and had such a good time catching up, sipping wine and exchanging gifts!

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Jacksons
My sister in law and 2 brothers
Sister-in-law, me and Mom dressed up in our matching PJ's for Christmas morning. It's a family tradition :)
Matt playing santa and smiling with Bella Boo

For New Years Eve this year, Matt and I kept throwing around all kinds of different options for the weekend. We finally decided over Christmas that we were headed to New Orleans. We managed to recruit my brother, Bryan and his girlfriend, Erin and our friends Mike and Tiffany from Mobile. My best friend from home, Kalyn, and her boyfriend joined us in NOLA too. A few days before heading to New Orleans, my bro thought it would be a great idea to wear costumes on the 31st. So I took his idea and ran with it. We were going back to the 1920s and here is what we ended up looking like:

Erin, me, Tiff at the Monteleon

Matt the Gangster
The Gang at Galatoires

Happy New Year!!

I truly can't believe that 2010 is over! It has flown by. I am looking forward to a wonderful new year. I have so much to be thankful for and so many amazing people in my life to enjoy it with. Thank you all! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decor has made it feel like HOME!!

Okay, I'm back! I can't believe it's been over a year. It sure has been a crazy one. I have taken a new job, moved from Orlando to Ocean Springs, MS, moved twice since I've lived in Mississippi, got a dog, made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and have absolutely been loving being back in the South (I didn't really consider Orlando "the south").

Although I have been in Mississippi now for over a year, it seems like it has taken me a while to get settled. In fact, I have just started feeling settled within the last couple of months. And it is such a nice feeling!!! I got a jump start on Christmas decor this year and actually got my tree and decorated it the weekend before Thanksgiving!!! It was awesome. Matt was out of town and I finally had a weekend at home (we're on the road most weekends). I found myself getting into the holiday spirit a little earlier than usual this year and I took full advantage of it. I was so happy when I got home from Thanksgiving that the tree was already DONE! There are a few other decorations that I am still working on like my mantle though. I hated not having a mantle to decorate (no fireplace), so I made Matt hang a shelf that we could use to hang our stockings. It's certainly making due :) Now that our new apartment is finally feeling like a home and decorated for Christmas, I thought I'd give a little tour of the downstairs.

Living Room- Front door is to the right of TV

Living Room-View when you walk in front door

Half bath
Kitchen that I love!

Homemade Mantle- missing my stocking

Dining Table/ Breakfast Nook- Doors to outside porch

Christmas Tree updated with some red balls and tree topper!
And for those of you who haven't gotten to meet my little Bella Boo, she is all ready for Christmas too!!! She enjoys being dressed up very much :)
The new place is very cozy and in such a cute part of town. It's walking distance to all the cute shops and restaurants that Downtown Ocean Springs has to offer (and 5 min from the Biloxi casinos)! Most of all though, I love being close to home in Pensacola. I'm 2 hours from Pensacola and 1.5 hrs to New Orleans, so it makes seeing family so much easier! I love it. Hope you enjoyed. I always love seeing other peoples decorating ideas!

It's a quick update, but hopefully I'll be back again soon!