Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Supper Club

The Stathams hosted a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner for our November supper club. We had a fabulous time with great friends, good drinks, delicious food and football!Hayden is so talented and had the perfect Thanksgiving table set for us.  Isn't that artichoke arrangement amazing??

I was in charge of bringing the signature cocktail for the evening, so I pulled out my favorite book of drinks and found "The Bradshaw."  It was delicious and deadly.  I pretty much never drink tequila, but for some reason this recipe just looked too fun to pass up.  I was sad I didn't have the hot pink sugar rim, but otherwise, the drink was perfect.  We usually don't get to have supper club on a weekend night, so this was a special occasion for us to enjoy some yummy cocktails.

Here is the recipe plus a picture of the pretty cocktail.

Another view of the beautiful table

Baked Brie with 1/4c  pecans, 1/4c brown sugar, and 1 tbsp bourbon.

The ladies of the night! The boys were too busy watching football to take time to pose for a picture with us!

This was a perfect evening to get us all ready for Thanksgiving day with our families.  I am looking forward to spending a long weekend with my family in New Orleans.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

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