Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Brothers Engaged!!

 The Nugget showing off her ring!

 I'm soooo excited! Bryan and Erin got engaged!  They were on top of the black diamond slopes at Vail Mountain and Bryan proposed!!  

I wanted to be out there to celebrate with them so bad.  Bryan completely surprised all of us.  He kept it such a great secret.  Matt and I and my Mom were supposed to be out in Vail with them, but because of all of our wedding stuff we had going on, we decided to skip the ski trip this year.  Boy, was I sad we missed it. 

The two of them headed to Kelly Liken in Vail Village to celebrate that night for dinner.

Since we couldn't be in Vail to celebrate with them, we had to celebrate in their honor back in Pensacola.  Me, Matt, my Dad and Amy were all having brunch at 5 Sisters on Devilliers St. when I went to take out my phone and I had about 8 missed calls and text messages.  I opened up my phone and read Erin's text and started screaming and crying at the same time to the rest of the table.  I swore I had had a dream the night before thinking it was going to happen on this trip.  It was supposed to be a group trip and then slowly as it got closer to trip time, it ended up just being Bryan and Erin.  

After we finished brunch, my Mom joined us and we all headed back to Matt and I's back porch and opened several bottles of delicious champagne to celebrate the big engagement.  It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and we took advantage of the celebration.  

The result of the long afternoon :)

I truly could not be more happy for the two of them and am so excited to call Erin my sister in law soon!  She has been such a huge part of our family all ready over the last 5 years and I can't wait to make it official.  Cheers to Bryan and Erin and I am so excited to keep the festivities rolling after Matt and I tie the knot in a few short weeks!!!!!!!

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